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Application. - -The- Poetry Workshop
...Because life is not all a tale -- the better part of it is poetry.
1. Name: ilquix
2. Age: 17
3. Location: Maryland
4. Three favorite/ influential writers: Charles simic, Ezra Pound, Carol ann Duffy
5. *Preface to your poems: Not a lot to say other than to state that I'm new to poetry so please excuse any ignorance you might see in here. Also, poems two and three are variations of the same image.
6. Three poems:


In excess of hedonism

On Christmas morning, starcrust binding and stinging at my eyelids,
I clambered down the stairs, my hurried feet rattling the banister, and
followed the sounds of glitter, gasps and awe.

Then by boxing day: wrapping paper shifting and twinkling in a bin.
I crouched to grasp and fondle bland toys
and sighed a sigh that lasted three hundred and sixty four days

each second of each one spent with my eyes
skewering at the curves of perfect girls
wearing sex like a habit.

And, when the black clouds unclasped, I’d trample into sweltering puddles
in a storm, phasing my reflection and rebounding it towards the edge
and back again.

Until I grew used to getting wet
and dampness became nothing more than another way to make me sneeze.
When umbrellas became a novelty, a way to stay spotless,
and to drown out the whole wideness of the sky.

Then what was there to look forward to
But dreaming?
Or being carried off into a place without sensation or surprise.
A place where the events are born of their reactions instead of the other way around.
A place with nothing real
but the languid reassurance that I can make the whole world up
as I go along.


Learning to swim

When my parents threw me in
it was everywhere
except the space inside my silhouette.

I realised immediately what I had to fight for
As the bubbles slipped from my lips
and bounded out of sight like prayers.
At first I tried to kick and climb and tug

Startled to see the atmosphere
Ripping away
Like the reflection of a ladder
Or a grasp of hair.
I choked and sank

Helpless with fear
Until I learned

Much later
To caress the water,
Make it purr and sway
for me.

It was then I managed to dance upwards
Until the mucousy fuzz above me
Became a sky.


Diluting the moon

For the pickled eyes of wandering Pisces
who drifts through naïve seclusion
of the tide’s left side
blinded and repulsed by a deflated rippling
of molten silver.

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oregonnerd From: oregonnerd Date: October 15th, 2005 06:25 pm (UTC) (link me)


And I'll be waking members up. I've had a hard time making time for this, but I will. My apologies.
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