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-The- Poetry Workshop

...Because life is not all a tale -- the better part of it is poetry.

Arias Corner
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Welcome to Arias Corner.

"The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars..." -Jack Kerouac

Arias Corner burns as a roman candle, ceaselessly illuminating what before was unspoken, unwritten, and with the breath of the driven writer, its flame thrives. Poetry is an artform without boundaries; and yet, poets struggle to transcend their own mental barriers. It is the goal of this community and its members to actively enlighten, critique, share opinions, and consequently enhance the artistry of the capable, dedicated writer. Below, you will find the rules and guidelines for applicants and members.

For new applicants:
1. Unless invited by a moderator, you must apply in order to become a member.

2. Any applicant who receives a score of six or greater for his or her application automatically receives member status, may participate in workshop challenges, and may numerically judge other writers' works. The voting scale is from one to ten.

3. Emotionally fragile applicants might be forewarned, as some members' critiques may blare with a brutally honest dissonance that is ear-shattering to the weak, but helpful to the strong. On the whole, honesty should precede all attempts for "niceness" in criticisms, but should not be void of thoughtfulness.

4. Arias Corner is not a dictatorship. The members make the community, and (our) job as moderators is to keep it that way. If any member chooses to "go postal," so to speak, he will be stuffed into a cannon and fired. Non-violently, of course.

5. Until you receive "member" status, you may not comment, save for your own application or a moderator's post. The moderator is oregonnerd, and the co-moderator is vote_woodstock.

6.Members do not need elaborate explanations for their votes, but must say something in regard to their scores, anything at all to better help the applicant.

Application Form:

0. Subject should read, Application!
1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. Three favorite/ influential writers:
5. *Preface to your poems:
6. Three poems:
(*Preface is optional, although likely beneficial to your score.)

For Invitees: Post a piece of writing, and briefly introduce yourself.

For Members to read:

1. Members must remain active for this community to rage on as a living, breathing being. As a forewarning, members:
a. who do not post for more than two weeks without explanation; OR
b. who skip more than five contests in a row, OR
c. who start plagiarizing biblical passages
shall be given a warning and then duly shunted out.

2. Witticism and Rudeness are two very different things. Please try to be civil about other people's work or you might find them slandering yours and that is not a very pleasant thing to do.

3. The members have the right to vote out anybody they want to but if challenged - by the applicant or another member(s), s/he might be required to justify their vote. Let us not make it into a power trip but honestly try to produce some good poetry while we can.

4. Members shall rate the new applicants on a scale of 1 to 10, on different skill levels of style, content, tone, imagery, poetic and narrative devices and so on.

5. Members will be encouraged to keep abreast with different publication options and also help other fellow members to apply for the various alternatives available.

6. Members are allowed to make random poetry posts. However they are encouraged to participate in the several workshop strucutres which will be developed and put into action by the moderators.

7. Members are expected to thread out discussions and debates within the workshop posts.

Here is the rating chart:

10 - Excellent poetry that surpasses all standards. Poetry you wish you had written, ready to be published. Breaking new grounds and creating its own space.

9 - Poetry that is still superlative. Something that moves you to the beyond of yourself. Excellent command over the techniques and styles.

8 - Here is poetry that aspires greatness but just about misses it. Still nearly flawless in execution, it misses out on any one area that jarringly stands out.

7- It is definitely good poetry. But still raw, still in the first draft. Needs reworking and editing, some fine tuning and it would be the goods.

6 - It isn't all that good, but it has potential. There are some parts that hint at talent that, if properly groomed, can turn out things beyond imagination. Just about makes the mark. Gets in, not because of what is, but for what can be.


5- Yeah, so been there, done that. Bottom line is, so what? Poetry enough, in its execution and flow but isn't going many places. Angsty and Ranting and personal, probably.

4- So every poem has its day, but today just isn’t yours. There are a few inspired moments but it leaves you cold. Lacks in many areas. Like eating a PowerBar, healthy but unsatisfying.

3 - There is poetry and then there is poetry, and then there is this. It must be called poetry because the writer calls it so. Maybe if you chop it to size and play a Pound to their Eliot, it might go somewhere. But don't place your money on it. It’s pretty bad.

2 - Boy-band songs are better written, or are just as badly written. Completely uninspired, bordering on plagiarism, shockingly un-poetic and down-right boring. Ra save the world!

1 - Poetry that is still very young- too young to be anything. Lacks in all the aspects, often is a bland imitation of something that is already there; figures of speech are missing and there is nothing to stop you from rearranging it and reading it as boring prose.

0- Don't even ask. If you can’t read beyond the first three words or the second syllable in the fourth word, this is it. It’s like forgetting to write your name on your SAT’s.

For Re-Applicants:
Unless you are banned from posting in the community, you will be allowed to re-apply as many times as you desire. The intention of the community is not to form a clique of power trippers but a community of serious poets. So if you think you have it in you, reapply. It’s only fair, man.

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Creators: latelyontime and bofwa; edited by vote_woodstock